Demi Lovato is taking the president head-on in her new song “Commander In Chief.” For the single, she has teamed up with Finneas O’Connell.

Both artists went to social media to talk about the tune and the importance of voting. Demi wrote, “Won’t give up, stand our ground… We’ll be in the streets while you’re #CommanderInChief. I’m calling on all of you, please join me in voting for this years election. Find your voter information at”

Finneas added, “I think people underestimate the bravery it takes to put out a song like this when your platform is as large as Demi’s is. But I’m sure if you asked her, she’d tell you it was her responsibility. It was an honor to produce this one for the wildly talented Demi Lovato.”

The lyrics are a rather pointed critique of President Trump, without mentioning his name: “Won’t give up, stand our ground/We’ll be in the streets while you’re bunkering down/Loud and proud, best believe/We’ll still take a knee while you’re/Commander in Chief, honestly/If I did the things you do/I couldn’t sleep, seriously/Do you even know the truth?”

Listen to the song below.



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