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Sooo there’s a woman who wants her ex to pay for plastic surgery after the kids “ruined” body. After having three kids, she’s gained some weight and at 39, she wishes she still looked like her pre-pregnancy self. She now wants to have a little nip and tuck done to revamp her figure, but she wants her now ex-husband to pay for half her plastic surgery and he refuses.

The ex-wife tells him that because they were married for six years and her body has changed after having their three kids, he’s “half” responsible. She feels her body has been “ruined” by pregnancies and went to a plastic surgeon, who told her it’ll cost $14-thousand for lipo and contouring and she can’t afford it alone. So she’s asking her ex to split it with her and he won’t cough up the seven grand.

In a post on Reddit he asks users if he’s wrong for saying no to paying up for the procedures, which include facial treatments to give her smooth and glowing skin because she claims her “original skin was damaged by pregnancy hormones.”

Isn’t there a saying “If we ain’t married I ain’t paying!”