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Coronavirus has completely uprooted all of our lives. And as the virus continues to surge on, especially in America, there have been shortages of certain products and goods.

We all remember at the beginning of COVID, how impossible it was to get paper towels or toilet paper. Since then, soda cans, coins, and many other things have run into shortages.

The latest shortage we’re finding out about… Mason Jars.

At the beginning of quarantine, many people started cooking at home more, due to safety concerns, and well… boredom.

Trends like making sourdough bread, Dalgona coffee, and banana breads were all over the internet. But now, canning is seeing a spike in popularity, which is causing there to be a severe shortage of mason jars in the US.

I definitely wouldn’t have seen this shortage coming. Here’s to hoping things start to get back to normal sooner rather than later.