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Ikea is taking things in a different direction with a new store they’re opening. The Swedish retailer is known for their meatballs and their major assembly required affordable furniture and now they’re testing out a brick and mortar shop that sells refurbished furniture. And their first resale store will be located in Sweden in a shopping center made up entirely of secondhand stores, the first of its kind in the world.

This store will sell previously owned furniture and home goods that have been fixed up for purchase and it’s a step toward Ikea’s plan to become fully circular by 2030. Ikea Sweden’s sustainability director, Jonas Carlhed, explains, “If we are going to reach our sustainability goals we need to challenge ourselves and test our ideas in practice.”

The low cost of Ikea furniture has always been one of its best features and this store could be a move to change the perception that they’re the fast fashion of the furniture world. Because their products are affordable and made from inexpensive materials, the stuff rarely gets a second life from being passed down to someone else. So this secondhand store changes all that. And the best part? No assembly required!