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I asked my fabulous teammate Lester Raeford about helping me write a blog about how men are approaching women these days. Lester says, “It’s about time we discussed how to approach a woman when you find a connection and want to ask her out on a date. You might be in a situation where you see her everyday, or maybe once a twice a week. You wanna make a move, but you just simply don’t know how, but you want to meet her so bad. The million dollar question is, how does a man make it known that you are interested WITHOUT scaring the living daylights out of her? What’s too pushy, too slow, and what if she’s just not interested?”

Then I asked Lester what is a golden rule in dating. Lester says, “Being kind, and considerate is still an attractive trait towards most women. Even if you don’t look like Denzel, Brad Pitt, or George Clooney, know this. A kind heart and personality works wonders with women. So if you see her today at work, school, or the cash register during your morning coffee run. Kindly approach her and say this…..Excuse me but the radiance of your beauty has mesmerized, and tantalized me to the point where I’m left speechless, and unable to articulate what I am currently feeling as I observe the awesomeness of your presence. I’m well aware that I’m way out of my league, but may have your number please? I promise you’ll see a big smile come on her face. You can thank me later!” Thanks Lester!!!! Okay, let us know what moves and conversation you use to approach the woman of your dreams!!!!!

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