Ah, I can see my name in lights now…or being an extra is cool too. If you are into the film industry, you’ve probably noticed by now that things are finally picking back up in North Carolina, including Charlotte. Movie and television production in Charlotte and other areas around North Carolina is back on track which means more opportunities for jobs and maybe fame? Current film products include the following below.

  • “USS Christmas” a made-for-television movie filming in the Wilmington area.
  • “A Nashville Christmas Carol” a made-for-television movie filming in the Charlotte area.
  • “Parkside” a feature film filming in the Wilmington area.
  • “Hightown” – Season 2  a television and streaming series filmed in the Wilmington area.
  • “Delilah” – Season 1  a television and streaming series filmed in the Charlotte area.
  • “Love It or List It” – Season 16 a television/streaming series filmed in the Research Triangle area.

According to Governor Roy Cooper, five new productions have been approved for North Carolina Film and Entertainment Grants to start production in the Charlotte and Wilmington areas. The incentives add up to more than $27 million and the projects are expected to generate more than $107 million for in-state spending. In addition, these new film projects are said to create 8,671 jobs, including 650 crew positions, according to the state report. For a full list, visit the North Carolina Film Office website.

If you’re into the fame of it all, check out some of these local casting sites.

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