In Charlotte-Mecklenburg Domestic Violence related calls skyrocketed by 43% amid coronavirus lockdown.

October marks Domestic Violence Awareness Month. During this time, it is very difficult for people quarantined with an abusive partner to safely reach out for help. Children who are unable to attend school or daycare are also at greater risk. Events have been canceled, but you can still make a difference just by knowing the signs:

  • The relationship moves very quickly.
  • Isolation from friends and family or controlling contact with others.
  • Name-calling, put-downs, blaming, threatening.
  • Limiting access to insurance or prescriptions.

With covid-19 social distancing measures put in place, it’s very important we all listen from home. It takes all of us to end domestic violence. If you know a sister, cousin, nephew, colleague that you suspect may be struggling with abuse, give them the hotline numbers below:

  • (704) 336-3210 – Prevention & Intervention Services (Mecklenburg County Community Support Services) –
  • (980) 771-HOPE – Greater Charlotte Hopeline (Safe Alliance) –
  • Text HOME to 741741 – National Text for Any Crisis
  • 866-331-9474 – National Teen Dating Violence Hotline –
  • 800-799-7233 – 24/7 National Domestic Violence Hotline

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