Have you gone back to work yet? Some places are getting back to normal (some aren’t) but the folks at Moneypenny put together a survey and analysis that shows how everyone is feeling about going back to the office.

In this recent survey, Moneypenny looked at how happy workers were about getting back to work and what changes companies have made in order to create the safest work environment as possible. So who is ready to go?

According to the study, over half of employees in Rhode Island want to return to work as soon as possible and in second place, Alabama residents are also really looking to get back to the office. Overall, 62% of those surveyed expressed that they were comfortable with the idea of returning to work, with only 37% of those saying that they had a few reservations around COVID-19 procedures.

So here’s what they found about North Carolina. According to the study, 44.26% of North Carolina residents are willing to wear a mask to return to work. When it comes to South Carolina, over a third (35%) of workers in South Carolina are entirely comfortable coming back to work.

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