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Nick Lachey and Jessica - Nick and Jess were TV gold. Sadly, their relationship couldn't stand the test of time.

We’ve all been in that awkward time in a relationship; you’ve been seeing someone for a while and it’s starting to move past the, “just casual” phase. Labeling a relationship and becoming official has become terrifying to younger generations.

Well, experts just gave us a few tips, and things to look for that will help you get an idea if it’s the right time to bring up, “the talk.”

MBGRelationships just posted some signs that experts say to look for when trying to figure out if your new relationship can develop into something real.

  1. Spending a lot of consistent time together

  2. Discussing your future

  3. Making plans months ahead

  4. Meeting each other’s friends

  5. Meeting each other’s parents

  6. Spending the holidays together

  7. More passion during intimate moments

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