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It happens to the best of us…sometimes we gain weight and wonder how we got there. Recently I’ve been making healthier choices and with our studio on South Blvd and with the hours we work, sometimes it’s super hard finding a good healthy breakfast in the morning unless I meal prep it. One of my favorite things to meal prep are egg cups. They’re super easy, super cheap and pretty filling for how healthy they are! When I found out Einstein Bros. Bagels now has ‘eggels” which is basically like an egg cup, but shaped like a bagel, I was pumped. Get it…eggel. Hah!

They have two flavors currently:

  • Three meat & cheese eggel

  • Veggie egg white eggel

I tried both of them and even though my main order when I go to Einsteins is the lox bagel (YUM) I’ll definitely be needing to switch it up for these eggels. They were delicious, I would definitely recommend!