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KABUL, AFGHANISTAN - AUGUST 15: A car is engulfed in flames after a suicide car bomb exploded near the main gate of the NATO headquarters, killing three Afghans and wounding 70, on August 15, 2009 in Kabul, Afghanistan. The Taliban claimed responsiblity for the attack which happened ahead elections for the second presidential elections on August 20, 2009. (Photo by Nichole Sobecki/Getty Images)

A high school football player from south Georgia is being recognized as a hero for saving a fellow teenager from a burning car. Brock Bailey, a high school junior at Lowndes County High School in Valdosta, rushed to help when he heard a car accident nearby.

He and another man ran to the scene and put their own safety aside to rescue her. The driver, Elizabeth Eldridge, is a high school senior and was unable to open her car door after the wreck. Despite the flames, Brock worked to get that door open and pull her to safety, saving her life.

The girl’s mother, Joy, says when she arrived at the accident, “Brock remained attentive to both my daughter and me and was a calming presence during a very stressful time.” She adds that she’s glad his heroism is being recognized because “2020 desperately needs some positivity!”

Source: CBS 46