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(Photo by Robert Mora/Getty Images)

The Playboy Mansion is looking a little different ever since Hugh Hefner passed. New pictures of the infamous party mansion show is getting a major makeover… which could be quite a task since sources claim the place has been ripped apart while it’s been abandoned.

“The Sun” has shared the construction photos, showing most of the property covered up, broken down, or surrounded by scaffolding. Sources say the legendary property was stripped bare after being raided by looters, who took furniture, art, adult toys, lingerie… and apparently even took parts of the masonry as souvenirs.

What the looters couldn’t get away with were some of the bigger items, like pinball machines from Hef’s gaming room. The 14K square foot, 29 room mansion reportedly needs “substantial renovations and repairs” at this point, and new owner Daren Metropoulos is promising to restore the place to its“original grandeur.”

Check out what the mansion looks like now