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Kevin Kinard has been visiting the Crater of Diamonds State Park in Arkansas since he was a kid, but on a recent trip with friends, he made an unbelievable discovery: a 9.07-carat diamond. He picked it up, thinking it was glass, and put it in his bag and continued searching, not thinking much of his find. It wasn’t until he had the staff at the Diamond Discovery Center identify the rock that he realized it was valuable.

This is the second-largest diamond ever found in the park since it opened back in 1972. And while it’s unclear how much this gem is worth, the park said a 3.03-carat white diamond that was cut into 1.09 carats was sold in 1998 for $34,700, so Kinard’s much-larger find could likely be worth thousands more. He admits, “I honestly teared up when they told me!”

Source: People