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Fans of McDonald’s McFlurrys are going to want to listen up. The fast-food giant is celebrating the 25th anniversary of its frozen concoction by selling a new line of McFlurry loungewear.

The “McFlurry 25th B-Day Suit” is yellow and features a pattern of three McFlurry flavors including Oreo, M&Ms and the new-limited edition Chips Ahoy flavor. It even comes with an insulated pocket “to keep your McFlurry dessert chilled,” and pockets in the shorts deep enough to “store your spoon.”

If you are interested in getting your very own McFlurry B-Day suit, you better hurry. They go on sale today at 11:30 am ET, and are only available while supplies last. They sell for $25, but that includes a coupon for a free snack-size McFlurry.

Source: Fox News