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So this “amazeballs!”

KMART in Australia has come up with a brilliant idea for the kids. They are now selling a vacuum for kids which actually picks up dirt, turning their ‘play house’ games into useful housework. The vacuums are for sale for $25 and now parents can put their feet up while the kids do the floors. The battery-powered product, which is marketed at children three years old and above, is just like a real vacuum, with genuine suction and a realistic ‘whirring’ sound. ‘If this actually works the person who did this deserves a pay rise! Shut up and take my money,’ one mother said online.But others wondered about the need for a toy vacuum. ‘I just give them the real one. Get the job done properly,’ one man said. While such ‘play house’ toys are marketed to girls, this product has a boy on the packaging.