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School has pretty much started again all around the country in one way or another, which means a lot of teachers are being reunited with their students for the first time in months. When you get kids in a class together some will often share a bit too much about themselves, and now some teachers are spilling the beans.

Well, one Reddit user recently asked teachers to share the weirdest “fun fact” a student ever shared with a class, and many are really bizarre.

They include:

  • “One of my college freshmen’s fun fact was that she’s a public pooper.”
  • “A kid in my kindergarten class shared, ‘My peepee fell off at Disneyland!’ I didn’t ask any follow-up questions.”
  • “One of my middle-schoolers’ fun facts was that his mom and dad have the same parents. When I asked him to clarify, he said, ‘I only have one set of grandparents because my parents have the same parents.’ “I felt so much better when the mom called me to explain that her elderly stepfather had married her husband’s elderly mother.”
  • “A student once told my wife that her daddy had a special device that he had to blow into to start his truck.”
  • “I’m a coach, and I asked my 12-year-olds to share something that had changed about themselves over the past year. One boy stood up and simply said, ‘Pubes.'”
  • “One of my students’ fun fact was that they’ve had their hand up a sheep’s bum. Then they explained they were in a farming family, helping with lambing season.”