Weekdays 12:00PM-3:00PM

This past weekend, I was able to reserve a spot to attend the grand opening of Summit Seltzer. Not only is it the first of it’s kind in Charlotte, but it is the first hard seltzer brewery on the east coast… So needless to say, I was very excited to try it.

Here’s what I thought.

I loved the atmosphere. They have indoor and outdoor seating and the whole place is designed very well. As far as drinks, they have 6 seltzer flavors, seltzer cocktails, 2 flavors of non-alcoholic seltzers, and a couple beers on draft. Prices were pretty competitive too; the plain seltzers were around $5-7 dollars, and the cocktails were all $9. Now as for the flavors of the drinks themselves… this is where my review isn’t going to be as positive. We tried two seltzer flavors, and if you’re looking for that refreshing bubbly flavor, these seltzers just don’t have that. They tasted more like fermented juice. Definitely not bad, but I wish they had more carbonation in them. The best drink we had all night was actually the mixed drink. We got the jalapeƱo seltzerita, and it was really delicious.

Overall, I would go back, but the seltzers themselves, did not wow me the way I was expecting which was somewhat of a bummer.