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There are plenty of dating apps out there for singles, but now there’s one that’s just for pets. Pinder is a play on Tinder, but all the eligible singles on this site have four legs. Founder Kevin Botero says, “We’re just taking the effective format of Tinder and applying it to the pet community.” And while it was created for pet parents to find play pals for their animals, some human connections could happen, too.

“I personally know relationships that have come about through people walking their pets in the park, so it’s definitely possible,” Botero explains. “On Pinder, you’re getting that level of pet-obsessed parent you’re looking for, which in reality is somebody just like you.”

Users create profiles for their furry friends with a photo, location and their favorite snack and then start swiping on the pups and kitties of their choice. After they match, the pet parents can connect to communicate on social media. And if they’re looking to find a dog to breed theirs with, they can do that on Pinder, too.

Source: New York Post