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ROME, ITALY - MARCH 06: An elderly man wearing a protective mask asks the tourists for alms at the tables of a restaurant in the Vatican area on March 6, 2020 in Rome, Italy. The average age of Italian patients who have died in relation to Covid-19 is 81 years, they were mostly men (female numbers 28, equal to 26.7%) and in more than two thirds of cases they had three or more pre-existing pathologies. This is what emerges from an analysis of the data of 105 Italian patients, conducted by the Istituto Superiore di Sanità, which underlines that there are 20 years of difference between the average age of the deceased and that of coronavirus positive patients . The elderly are now isolated in nursing homes and after the ban on visiting relatives, the residences for the elderly use electronic devices for video calls. The city hall of Rome has decreed the closure of the centers for the elderly to limit the spread of the virus. Sixteen virus-positive seniors were found in a bowling club in the Bologna area. (Photo by Marco Di Lauro/Getty Images)

An elderly New Jersey woman almost lost her home over pennies in taxes.

Glen Kristi Goldenthal, 89, has Alzheimer’s and forgets things. That led to her not paying the correct taxes on her home to Ocean Township, so they put the house up for sale. The back taxes totaled six cents, but after interest and administrative costs reached $300.

Goldenthal’s daughter, who lives in Virginia, found out and was livid! She slammed the city for not being creative in coming up with six pennies among all the people that work in the office. She paid the money and her mom got to stay in the home she’s lived in for 50 years.

Mayor Christopher Siciliano apologized for the situation.“Naturally, it’s really embarrassing the town would put someone’s home up for sale over six cents.” The mayor has now reached out to a state legislator to discuss the thresholds townships can use to decide when a home gets sold for back taxes.

Source: Fox News