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Seasonal Affective Disorder is a real thing and I think I am one of the MANY people who suffer from it. So, I am trying to figure out ways to avoid those empty feelings before they start.

Fall officially starts in less than a week…and you know what that means. Comfy sweaters, hot cider, and doing anything to distract yourself from all the colder-weather feels. Seasonal Affective Disorder is rough but there are ways to get ahead of it now and get prepped so it doesn’t hit so hard. Here are some expert-approved changes to make.

Get On A Morning Schedule. Not a morning person? Time to work on that because as the days get shorter, the only way to maximize your sun time is to wake up earlier. Therapist Marya Mendez recommends signing up for things like volunteering on weekend mornings to avoid sleeping in and inject some more fulfillment into your life.

Get A Workout Routine Going. You know the urge to drink six hot cocoas and crash on the couch after work is only going to get stronger in the winter, so right now is the time to work on making a workout routine a habit. Take advantage of the time you still have to exercise outside and start trying some new apps for when you’re stuck indoors.

Tidy Or Decorate Your Hibernation Den. Start thinking of some projects to fix up your place that you can tackle in the next few months. According to Mendez, redecorating “activates creative juices and increases the chances that small changes may bring a greater sense of purpose and value to life in the moment.” In other words, now’s the time to try out all those home makeover DIY tutorials you’ve been liking on TikTok.