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Today is the day!!!! So, September 16 is National Choose Your Chocolate Day, and I’m elated about the excuse to celebrate the world’s sweetest situation! What is the best chocolate that has ever touched your lips? I would say for me it’s a double chocolate warm brownie straight out of the oven, with pecans stacked on top. Since everybody has their favorite compliment to washing down the most incredible chocolate situation. And, evidently, this chocolate has been celebrated for thousands of years and has graced the tables of kings, presidents, celebrities and, now you and your family.

Did your grandmother ever bake you a chocolate pound cake? Chocolate chip cookies or chocolate pecan pie? The holiday experts at National Today, the internet’s #1 authority for holidays, surveyed 1,500 Americans about everyone’s favorite treat and found:

41% of respondents say that their chocolate consumption has increased since the COVID-19 pandemic.
57% of respondents say that they consume chocolate at least once a week.
82% of respondents say that they would be very happy if their best friend gave them their favorite chocolate as a birthday gift.
57% of respondents say that they crave milk chocolate the most.
Additionally, the survey revealed Illinois ranks #1 for chocolate lovers, with New York, Florida, Ohio, California, Pennsylvania, Texas, Georgia, North Carolina and Michigan rounding out the top 10.

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