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20th June 1950: A family watching television at home. (Photo by Keystone Features/Getty Images)

Snacking and Netflixing. They’re by far the two most popular things to do in lockdown but according to a new study, they’re also a dangerous combo. Especially if you’re trying to avoid the dreaded COVID-15 pound weight gain.

Ever wonder how you can plow through a whole bag of popcorn while watching TV? Researchers from the University of Sussex say the more our brain locks in on something, the less it’s able to tell when we should stop eating. They had participants drink either a high or low-calorie drink before taking on a highly-demanding task while snacking, and in the end, they found everyone was eating the same amount.

According to Professor Martin Yeomans this showed “if you’re eating or drinking while your attention is distracted by a highly engaging task, you’re less likely to be able to tell how full you feel.” In other words, if you’re counting on your stomach to tell you it’s full when you’re binge-watching something off Netflix, you’re making a big mistake. To avoid the extra calories while you’re kicking back and watching something, make sure you limit your portion in the kitchen before making your way to the couch.

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