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As you know, buying a new outfit every couple of weeks isn’t good for your budget or the environment, but what’s a fashionista supposed to do? Go on Instagram wearing the same outfit more than once? Unthinkable. To help, here are some tips on how to refresh your wardrobe without spending little to no money.

Learn the basics. Be honest, you’ve got stuff in your closet and drawers that you haven’t worn in years. If it’s because they’re busted up with holes or missing buttons, now is the time to fix them up. You’re probably one YouTube knitting tutorial away from having some new/used clothes to add back into your rotation.

Visible mending. “Visible mending” is the fashion term where holes and signs of wear are repaired in bold, obvious ways. So instead of trying to make something look like new, you make it look like something that’s never been seen before. That giant rip in your jeans isn’t a reason to throw it out, it’s a reason to stick a sick looking patch on there.

The remix. Is that shirt that you loved well past its expiration date? Stop and think about what else you can do with it before trashing it. This is where some advanced sewing skills would help, but even needle newbs can pull off turning an old shirt into a face mask with matching headband. Add some new facemasks into your circulation and save your local dump some space.