Dad and I enjoying the view!

I love a good weekend trip, especially one that incorporates the outdoors. I’ve been saving this one to share because I wanted it all to myself, but my father and I found another hidden gem to enjoy a day trip adventure in Noth Carolina; Rocky Face Mountain.

Now if you are a local you most likely already know about this bad boy. But if you are scratching your head wondering what exactly Rocky Face Moutain is, keep treading. Only about an hour and a ten-minute drive away from the city of Charlotte, Rocky Face Mountain is located in the Hiddenite Mountains and features numerous hiking trails that are easy to navigate. My father and I  visited the park recently and chose to do the Blue to the Orange trail which you can see here for a good, long hike. (When looking at the map, we went the counterclockwise way so it was up then down using the Verticle Mile Challenge.)

This hike took us up the mountain,600 feet to be exact, and gave us a great view of mushrooms and forest terrain. Overall, we had a great time exploring this local recreational park in North Carolina and I would highly recommend taking an adventure of your own as the weather is cooling off. This is a perfect afternoon day trip for any outdoor enthusiast to enjoy. Currently, the park is open seven days a week from 8 am until 8 pm. You can see more on things to do at the park here and be sure to stay safe friends and continue to practice safe social distancing!

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