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If you’re fortunate to not have to work the day after the holiday party (or after any other night of heavy drinking), just lounge in bed or on the couch and sleep/rest it off.  The human body has the ability to heal itself when it’s at rest.  #Science

The past couple of months have been a lot for moms to take thanks to the coronavirus, and apparently all that stress is keeping them up at night. Don’t I know it! I’ve added in a newborn too!

A new Zulily survey finds:

62% of moms say they wake up at least once a night. Most say they most likely wake up between 2 am and 4 am.

As for what’s causing their sleepless nights. 22% of moms say worrying about the world is causing them to lose sleep. 17% are up caring for their children. 16% are kept awake planning for the future and then there is me, getting up 2x a night to breastfeed/ pump.

Another thing keeping them up is judgmental parents, with 38% saying they feel judged by other parents, which is causing them extra worry.

As for what they are doing during those hours they are up, 28% say they spend it online, either shopping, checking email, or browsing social media. And it seems Zulily is ready to cash in on those who are up shopping, introducing “The Late Night Shop For Mom,” a month-long event that offers free shipping to any orders placed between 2 am and 4 am.

I might have to take advantage of that since I’m up multitasking anyway.