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It has barely been six months since Earthfare announced they were filing bankruptcy and closing all their stores. I used to visit Earth Fare, which is a more health-conscious grocery store often, especially when I lived up in Boone and went to Appalachian State, so it was definitely sad to see them go.

The Asheville-based company said it was $65 million in debt, and decided to close all 50 of its stores back in February.

Luckily though, with the help of local investors, Earth Fare is getting a second chance in Charlotte.

Believe it or not, COVID-19 has actually helped Earth Fare be able to open stores back up; including several in the Charlotte area.

COVID-19 has helped grocery stores have great profit, as many people are staying home more, and therefor, cooking at home more.

Earth Fare has signed leases to reopen its old stores in Ballantyne, Fort Mill and Concord, and they’re looking at reopening its location in SouthPark location, as well as one more location that has yet to be disclosed.

I think it’s always great to have more options for where you want to shop for your groceries, so I am excited that Earth Fare is getting it’s second chance.