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(Photo by Spencer Platt/Getty Images)

There’s no doubt tattoo artists get all types of requests for ink, and while some people choose tattoos that have special meaning to them, others just pick out any old photo, and regardless of which type of tat you pick, chances are they’ve done it before.

Buzzfeed asked a bunch of professional tattoo artists what tats they think are totally “overdone,” and they were more than happy to chime in.

Overdone tats include:

  • “The Deathly Hallows symbol from the Harry Potter series”
  • “The outlines of mountains”
  • “Any kind of Disney movie quote or something written in the Disney font”
  • An infinity symbol, especially on someone’s wrist”
  • “Wrist or back tattoos with inspirational words like ‘faith’ and ‘just breathe'”
  • “Little sun/moon combos”
  • “A matching tattoo where one person has half of the yin and yang symbol, and the other person has the other half”
  • “Anything on the side of a finger”
  • “A tiny tattoo of something nautical, like a single wave or an anchor on their wrist”
  • “A literary quote that covers the person’s whole arm”
  • “A cluster of tiny music symbols on someone’s wrist or ankle”
  • “A tattoo of Chip from Beauty and the Beast on the person’s shoulder, specifically so they can say they have a chip on their shoulder”

Source: Buzzfeed