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Photo by Julius Silver from Pexels

“Cheap as dirt” used to be a saying that people would say years ago. Fast forward 40, 50, even 60 years, that saying isn’t quite true in the Charlotte real estate market pertaining to the dirt that dwellings sit upon. Well, any city for that matter! Real estate is like gold and if you have a bunch of it you’re rolling in dough. With our friends and neighbors getting furloughed and laid-off, it makes you wonder if you’ll have to clean a bedroom out for unexpected roommates.

My question is, are we in a mild recession or is this thing about to explode in our faces? I’m referring to the “real” working class that lives paycheck to paycheck, to paycheck. If the federal government won’t bail taxpayers out, what use are politicians? If they, whoever they are, keep feeding us the red Koolaid of vote to make a difference or fill out the census to be counted one more time, I think I’m going to scream.

Is it me, or do “they” keep giving us the same speeches and talking points from the last election, and the election before that? I keep hearing the same rhetoric coming out of ads. I’m afraid to look under my bed because maybe Joe Biden would be under there saying Francene, have you voted, or Trump could possibly pop out my shower. I’m joking, none of the above would ever happen because nether would come into the neighborhood. But, you should vote and fill out the Census to make a difference in your community. How the heck did I go from real estate to politics? Easy, it’s all tied together.


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