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A group of longtime best friends in California catches up in a weekly Zoom call and one of those phone dates ended up saving Dorothy Farris’ life. She was chatting with her pals when they noticed her slurring her words and slumping. The women recognized the symptoms of a stroke and jumped into action to help.

“Intuitively, everybody just knew what role to take, to call 911, to call her husband, to stay on the Zoom with her,” one of the friends explains. They all did their part, paramedics arrived and rushed Dorothy to the Torrance Memorial Medical Center’s stroke center. The quick actions of the besties paid off and after surgery, Dorothy is able to walk and move her limbs.

“I refer to myself as the miracle child,” Farris says. “It took four splendid friends that saved my life and I don’t know how you thank people who do that.”

Keep those friends FOREVER and thank them everyday girl!