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People with certain personality types are more prone to anxiety disorders than others are.

Sometimes it can be difficult figuring out if out if some of our thoughts, feelings and behaviors are “normal.” Admitting you may need professional help can be a tough pill to swallow and it doesn’t help that mental health is often stigmatized, especially in certain communities. The signs are not always blatantly obvious, so here are five signs you may need to speak to a therapist.

1. Your Emotions Interfere with your Relationships.
When you are not your best self, personal and professional relationships may get rocky. You may be shorter tempered than usual or you may isolate yourself from friend. If you are feeling a bit down, and the people close to you notice a change, you might want to speak to therapist.

2. Your Work Performance Sufferers.
Are you feeling burned out at the office? Have you noticed a decline in your productivity and performance on the job? Difficulty concentrating, managing emotions and handling stress can all be signs of emotional distress.

3. Psychological Health starts Affecting Physical Health
Anxiety, depression, and emotional distress can cause a number of physical symptoms, including migraines and stomach aches. Treatment with a therapist can help you cure you both physically and emotionally

4. Odd Moods
When your mood suddenly seems shifts for no discernable reason and you begging to fell anxious or depressed you may need to seek help. We all can be moody sometimes, but if these feeling last more than a couple weeks it may be more serious than that.

5. Unhealthy coping habits
When negative thoughts or emotions get to us, we can engage in unhealthy coping habits to make ourselves feel better, like drinking or overeating. These are self defeating behaviors often used to escape our problems. Any coping method can become unhealthy if done in excess. For example, sleeping or even reading can be detrimental if done excessively to avoid facing reality.

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