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Face masks are no longer a suggestion, they are a requirement to enter most businesses these days; especially restaurants. If you’ve been to a restaurant recently, you’ve probably noticed people taking off their face masks once they sit down at their table; this has led many people to question how safe is actually is to eat out.

Well here’s the cheat sheet on how to stay safe while eating out, and all the do’s and don’t when it comes to wearing a face mask out to a restaurant.


  • Sanitize, or wash your hands right before you sit down

  • Bring a zip lock bag or breathable container to place your face mask in while not wearing it.

  • Limit the amount of times that you need the server to come to your table.

  • Stay seated at your table, and try to maintain at least 6-feet of distance between other parties.




  • Set your mask on the table

  • Put your mask on between bites.

    • Believe it or not, this could cause more contamination, so you’re better off just leaving it off until you get up again.

  • Roam around the restaurant with your mask off.

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