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Stuart C. Wilson/Getty Images

I never thought I would be writing this post, but 2020 has been weird.

With the Coronavirus pandemic still going on, we have had to learn and adapt to a bunch of new ways of life. For one, masks are pretty much required all the time now, and that alone has brought about it’s own bag of issues from acne, to fogging up glasses… we’re struggling.

One of the biggest struggles I’ve found though is my makeup smudging off while wearing my mask. Not only does it leave residue on the inside of my mask (which is gross) but is also takes the makeup off my face so when I do take my mask off, it looks completely different.

Obviously there is not a whole lot we can do here, but I do have a few tips that might help!


  1. Use a good primer

    1. primer helps you makeup last longer, and stay in place
  2. Use foundations that are also skin boosting

    1. Since your face will be covered most the time, use a BB or CC cream that will benefit your skin while making it look better too!
  3. Use liquid, and matte lipsticks

    1. If you choose to wear lipsticks, get one that doesn’t transfer (liquid lipsticks are good for this)

    1. When you’re done putting on your makeup, set it with a setting spray that will lock in your look.
  5. Buy darker masks

    1. If the nasty makeup marks on your mask is bothering you, try buying a black or darker colored mask so the stains aren’t as noticeable!

As always, safety is the top priority, but if we can look good, and be safe doing it, I call that a WIN WIN!