I really want to make one of these now. This guy is like my squirrel hero. Michael Dutko, from Hilliard, Ohio, helped solve his neighbor’s squirrel problem by creating a gathering spot for the animals. He built a nut bar for the squirrels.

Dutko’s neighbors complained about how it was impossible to do any bird watching with all the squirrels running around. So he put his woodworking skills to work and built the animals their own bar. He crafted what is called, “The Nutty Bar,” which is a wooden structure that looks like a real-life bar but instead of beer, it dispenses nuts like cashews and almonds. He spent more than 16 hours designing, building, and sanding the bar.

The structure was a big hit on social media so he decided to apply to patent the product. It’s currently in the patent-pending stage. He also plans on selling these structures for around $200 a piece.

Luckily, Dutko posted a YouTube video of the building process which lets you see the finished product. Check out the video below to see the fabulous bar.

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