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We are still dealing with the consequences of the coronavirus pandemic. That means we’re supposed to be self-isolating and staying socially distant, which means there aren’t a whole lot of options for stuff to do. One of the best options I’ve found is a hiking, and walking!

Don’t laugh but I’ve actually enjoyed discovering new areas of Charlotte and around the city. Here are some walks, and hikes around Charlotte that you may not have been on yet!

  • Robinson Rock House

    • length: less than a mile 
  • Evergreen Nature Preserve

    • length: 1.7 miles
  • Ribbon Walk Nature Preserve

    • Length: just over 3 miles
  • Big Rock Nature Preserve

    • Length: With historical plaques along the way.
  • Camp North End

    • Length: Under a mile with murals to look at
  • Mallard Creek Greenway

    • Length: 4.7 miles of trails, 3.5 of which are paved.
  • Toby Creek Greenway

    • Length:  2.64 miles long, all paved.
  • The Nature Trail at Schiele Museum

    • Length: 1/2 mile

If you’re looking for a day trip, here are a couple of options that are a little further out…

  • 40 Acre Rock

    • 2 miles round trip
    • Location: An hour and a half southeast of Charlotte
  • Peak to Pass Section of the Palmetto Trail

    • Length: up to 11 miles out and 11 miles back
    • Location: hour and a half southwest of Charlotte
  • Rocky Face Mountain Recreation Area

    • Length: 3.6 miles round trip
    • Location: just over an hour from Charlotte