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Sure we’re still in a pandemic and some things can be rescheduled, but babies are coming no matter what! Pretty much all of my friends have had or are having babies this year, so we have MANY children to “shower” with love. This weekend it was my girlfriend Cara’s turn. Myself, and 3 other women put together the most beautiful drive by baby shower for little baby Sutton!

The thought that went into this party was detailed. Friday night I started baking the 4 layer “surprise” cake with blue edible confetti inside and Saturday afternoon we prepped for Sunday’s festivities. Everyone always asks about my balloon arches and the truth is, it gets easier every time I put one together. I have mastered the art of simplifying the setup. I blow all the balloons up the day before and recruit someone to help me tie the balloons in twos while I blow then up and shape them. I then tie them into small clusters with fishing line (instead of the balloon tape). That way I can just string the clusters together when I get on site.

I also got up early Sunday morning to finish icing the cake and head over to the pavilion to help set up. Here are the details of our woodland forest baby shower.