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When Ben Cohen proposed to his girlfriend Erin, she knew she wanted their wedding cake to be made by the Publix bakery. That’s because growing up, every celebration had a Publix cake, so she wanted the southern supermarket chain to create the cake for her big day. The only problem? The New York couple was tying the knot in Minneapolis, where there are no Publix stores. A family member was going to bring one up to them, but when the pandemic hit, they had to come up with a plan B…and that’s when Publix stepped in to help save the day.

Publix heard about the couple’s situation and reached out to them to see if they would want to do a wedding cake decorating session on a video call and they jumped at the chance! They sent all the ingredients which included the buttercream icing, cake layers and decorative gum paste flowers from their headquarters in Lakeland, Florida.

During the video call a specialist helped them create their DIY wedding cake. And according to the bride and groom, the cake was “perfect!”

I also took a stab at cake decorating this weekend for my girlfriend’s baby shower. I was going to order a professionally made cake but decided not to when I saw what our mommy-to-be wanted. It was a “naked” cake decorated with a cake topper. The more I looked at the photo the more I thought, “I can do that!” I also decided to take things to the next level with a surprise inside.

I ordered the topper from Amazon and added fresh rosemary and lavender from my backyard and crushed graham crackers for the dirt. I think it came out really cute and professional looking. You can find ANYTHING on YouTube!