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Us ladies have to stick together.

If your a girl, and you live in Charlotte, you’ve probably wither been to the Girl Tribe Co. store on Camden Street, or you’ve visited one of their Girl Tribe Pop-Up Shops they throw every couple of months (before COVID-19).

Well the Girl Tribe Co. is getting ready to expand; they bough out the space directly above their Camden Street storefront, and will use the space to recreate their popular pop-up market shopping experience.

The store will have between 50-100 vendors with varying items to browse through. But my personal favorite part; all of the brands are women-owned businesses, and mostly local too!

The new store’s address is 1800 Camden Road Suite suite 202, and should be open by September 26th.

Masks will be required, and the store will be open on weekends; Thursday – Sunday, 11 a.m. – 6 p.m.