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They say you should never rough house with animals that are a hundred times bigger than you and one well-known conservationist learned that the hard way after his beloved white lions turned on him. No, it wasn’t the Tiger King.

The rare white lionesses, Demi and Tanner, had been with the nature-loving West Mathewson since they were cubs. It appears that he had unlocked their cage to take them for a walk when one of the animals turned on him. West ran a popular South African safari and lodge – known as Lion Treetop Lodge and was reportedly roughhousing with the lions when one of them turned on him. The pair had also attacked a farmworker who died back in 2017 at the Lion Treetop Lodge.

His wife had tried to save her husband by distracting the 400lb lionesses but it was unfortunately too late. They had already inflicted fatal injuries which led to Mr. Mathewson passing away while en route to the hospital.  The lionesses are expected to be released into the wild at some point but will not be put down.