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There are some people who wake up each morning and the first thing they do is make the bed, while others leave their blanket and sheets messy all day long. Well, here are some reasons why you may want to start being the former.

According to a new survey:

  • 40% of Americans admit not making the bed is a total turn off when it comes to dating.
  • 55% of bed-makers say an unmade bed is a turnoff, while only 9% of non-bed-makers say the same.
  • 61% of non-bed-makers wouldn’t consider a non-made bed a deal breaker.
  • Those who make their bed are having 25% more sex than those who don’t.
  • 48% of bed-makers say their quality of sleep has improved, while 20% of non-bed-makers say theirs has declined.

Being stuck at home during lockdown has apparently turned more people into bed makers.

  • 66% of those making their bed daily during quarantine say they did it because they had more time in the day.
  • As for the top reasons folks made their bed during quarantine:
    • It makes my room look clean (64%)
    • It’s part of my morning routine (59%)
    • Out of habit (52%)
    • Makes me feel ready for the day (50%)
    • It makes me feel productive (44%)
    • I feel like I sleep better when my bed is made daily (38%)
    • It helps me manage my stress levels (32%)

Source: SWNS Digital