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WASHINGTON - OCTOBER 14: The words "In God We Trust" are seen on U.S. currency October 14, 2004 in Washington, DC. Although the U.S. constitution prohibits an official state religion, references to God appear on American money, the U.S. Congress starts its daily session with a prayer, and the same U.S. Supreme Court that has consistently struck down organized prayer in public schools as unconstitutional opens its public sessions by asking for the blessings of God. The Supreme Court will soon use cases from Kentucky and Texas to consider the constitutionality of Ten Commandments displays on government property, addressing a church-state issue that has ignited controversy around the country. (Photo Illustration by Alex Wong/Getty Images)

A new poll by Slickdeals finds:

  • Over half of Americans say the lockdown finally taught them how to be smart with their money.
  • Just two years ago, only 42% of people claimed to be smart with their money, but now 51% of folks say they are.
  • In fact, two out of three people say the quarantine has turned them into a frugal person.
  • The average person believes someone becomes frugal at 31, although 25% say it happened to them earlier.
  • And there’s nothing wrong with being frugal, with 67% of people considering it a compliment.

But there certainly is a difference between being frugal and being cheap, and the study set out to discover just what that is.

  • For example, during a 2018 survey, tipping the minimum of 15% to 20% was considered “frugal,” but now it’s considered “cheap.”
  • Other things folks these days consider cheap include:
    • Calculating your part of a group bill to the cent
    • Keeping outdated or worn out electronics, as long as they still barely work
    • Reusing tea bags or coffee filters
    • Eating food a few days past its expiration date
    • Declining to be a part of rounds at the bar
    • Lengthening longevity of soap by diluting soap bottles with water
    • Re-gifting
  • Actions that are considered frugal include:
    • Regularly tracking electricity use
    • Regularly tracking the home thermostat
    • Watching movies at home instead of in the theater
    • Shopping at second-hand clothing stores
    • Buying clothes at department stores like Kmart, Walmart etc
    • Buying off-brand food products
    • Giving up drinking while at bars or restaurants/Only having alcohol at home
    • Seeking out deals or coupons for all purchases

Source: Yahoo