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Ladies, this could have been ANY of us!

A dad who ended up with a broken hand after his wife delivered their twins—without any pain medication—and she squeezed a little too hard is wondering if he’s the a-hole. In a Reddit post, the dad explains that she had gone into labor weeks early and by the time they arrived at the hospital, there was no time for an epidural, so he let his wife hold his hand and didn’t realize quite how tight her grip was (even though she’s a weight lifter).

As it happens, dad didn’t even know – because of the adrenaline. Once their twin daughters were born and their uncle came to visit at the hospital, he asked the new dad “what happened to his hand.” That’s when he looked down and saw it was all “swollen and gross-looking.” At that point, he realized he couldn’t even move his fingers! So he goes to get checked out – as suspected, it was broken.

What no one could have suspected was his wife’s reaction…she was angry that he left to get his hand examined, which could be because she didn’t realize the injury (as he’d hidden it from her). So who’s saying he’s an a-hole? His SISTER! It’s been three years and she still busts his chops.

So is he? Redditors assure him he’s not. I think it’s just laughable!