Jennifer Lopez went to social media to share a teaser of a new film called Draw With Me. The clip features her family member, Brendon. In the caption, Jennifer wrote, “Brendon is my nibling and this is their story…Draw With Me is a short film about accepting change and challenges with love knowing when we do everything is possible.”

In the teaser, before introducing Brendon, Jennifer discusses why the film is essential. She says, “Draw With Me is a short film about transgender youth and their journey of coming out to their family and also engaging in their art to help them cope with the feelings they were having during this time.”

“The film is important and timely in its story and message and can have a huge impact on those of us who watch and experience what Brendon and their family is going through in this time of acceptance and admission.”

She adds, “It’s a story that’s very close to my heart because it was a family affair. It’s about accepting change and challenges with love and knowing that when we do, anything’s possible.”

On social media, Jennifer posted five minutes of the film. She adds that the full documentary will be at film festivals worldwide, and it will also be on video on demand.

Watch the teaser for Draw With Me here.

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