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School has started back up, which means college students all across America are back in their dorm rooms, and back on campuses. Typically this would be a super exciting time, but with the Coronavirus pandemic still being a huge concern, it’s leaving lots of college students stuck in their rooms, and not able to access some academic amenities that their tuition is paying for.

One of those amenities are dining halls.

Some universities are delivering meals to students in the dorms to cut back on exposure, but they don’t seem to be very impressive meals.

Students have been sharing their disappointing meal deliveries on Tik Tok, and I have to say; the one’s I’ve seen look pretty horrible. It’s especially frustrating when you consider that tuition often includes an expensive meal plan option.




I completely understand being cautious with Coronavirus, but there has to be a better way to feed students and ensure they are getting decent meals each day.