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(Photo by Mario Tama/Getty Images)

A family in Australia has struck gold – literally – after finding two gold nuggets worth over a quarter of a million dollars. Brothers-in-law Brent Shannon and Ethan West were on a gold-finding mission near the mining town of Tarnagulla when they made the discovery. With help from West’s father, Paul, they found two nuggets that weigh a combined total of 7.75-pounds

The men, who call themselves The Poseidon Crew – say they were “pretty excited” when they found the nuggets after digging up dirt using an excavator and going over the soil with metal detectors. The estimated value of the gold is $250-thousand, but if it’s sold to a collector, it could bring in 30% more than that! The impressive find is even being featured on the Discovery Channel’s show, “Aussie Gold Hunters.”

“It’s a feeling like no other. Nobody has seen these pieces of gold for millions of years and we’re the first people to lay eyes on them,” Shannon explains. “It’s something I love doing.”

Source: People