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Back to School 2020

How are you doing with homeschooling my parent friends??  What type of homeschooling parent are you? I found this on the web and thought I’d share. I’m totally the “throwback”… “Here ya go son, figure it out and get her done!”

  • The Skeptic – They’re still not sure if this whole distance learning thing will work and they’re open to the possibility their kid may have to repeat the 4th grade.
  • The Optimist – This parent is still hopeful that kids will be able to safely return to classrooms and they won’t need to homeschool after all.
  • The Over-Preparer – She’s attending webinars on homeschooling and has bought three different guides on the subject. She’s signed up for enrichment programs for her kids and has already posted color-coded schedules for each child on the fridge, which is filled with healthy snacks in fun shapes, stored in BPA-free containers, naturally.
  • The Platituder – With this parent, you hear a lot of “It is what it is,” “Just take it one day at a time” and “There’s a silver lining to all this.”
  • The Throwback – This Gen X parent is a product of growing up in the 80s when it was okay to leave kids to fend for themselves. They’re giving their kid a stack of books and letting them self-direct. When it comes to school, they believe if the kid tries their best, it’s fine and they’ll turn out okay, just like they did.
  • The Off-Gridders – These parents have already been homeschooling their five kids, who all had home births, for years now. They drink raw milk, sew all the children’s clothes, prefer homeopathic remedies and own a lot of mason jars.
  • The Entrepreneur – She’s found a way to turn homeschooling into a business opportunity and is selling special notebooks and kits to make things easier for other homeschooling parents. When she mentions her 75-thousand Instagram followers or calls herself a “momfluencer,” you feel like throwing a special notebook at her.
  • The Zen Master – Everything will work out for the best, one way or another, according to this parent. They’re not worried at all and you’re not sure if it’s because they do a lot of yoga or have a medical marijuana prescription.

Source: She Knows