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A little boy in the U.K. headed to the barbershop for his first haircut ever and he did it to help children who have lost their hair because of cancer. Reilly Stancombe had grown some long locks in his nine years without a haircut, but he felt it was time for a chop to benefit a good cause. He’s donating his hair to the Little Princess Trust to be made into wigs.

Reilly admits his tresses were getting “a bit too long” and decided he was ready to go short. At first, he was scared when the scissors came out, but after seeing his new look, he loves it. He’s also raised almost $8-thousand for the Little Princess Trust with a GoFundMe campaign.

This kind-hearted kid says he hopes kids “won’t feel like they’re different anymore” when they have a wig, adding, “I really hope this will make a lot of people happy.”

If you want to donate your hair here in the US contact Locks Of Love!