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Music calms the savage beast and soothes the troubled mind. Have you ever listened to a song, I mean really listened, and were overcome with peace? Music is a powerful stress management tool and can also benefit overall health. Combined with meditation the positive effects are doubled and almost immediate. Music meditation can eradicate stress, slow breathing, and calm the mind and body. This is one of the easiest forms of meditation for two reasons: it is lax and it produces immediate results. Music meditation can build your tolerance to stress overtime without conscious effort on your part.
So here is how it’s done:
1. Choose music you like, preferably with a slower tempo. Instrumentals are usually recommended because lyrics can engage the mind, but personally, I prefer the lyrics. Being engaged does not mean you aren’t relaxed.

2. Get comfortable. You don’t have to get in the lotus position and say Ummm. Feel free to lie down or even sit at the kitchen table if you want. Go for whatever feels most comfortable to you.

3. Focus on the music and really try to zone into the emotions it evokes. Breathe through your nose and stay present at the moment.

4. 20-minute sessions are recommended but the positive benefits can be felt after one song! Focus on quieting the voice inside your head. The key is not to think. Submerge yourself in the music and exist only at that moment.

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