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This story is so bizarre on many levels but, a pregnant woman was really looking forward to her upcoming gender reveal party and surprising everyone with the news that she and her husband are having a girl. She’s been saving up for the celebration and both she and her husband are thrilled they’re having a daughter. But the MIL? She’s been hoping for a grandson.

She decided not only to “tell people’s the baby’s gender,” but lied about it. In a Reddit post, she explains that her MIL had been pushing the mom-to-be to tell her if it was a boy or girl, saying it was only to help organize the party. Eventually, the mom-to-be caved, swearing her to secrecy.

Imagine her surprise when she started getting cards and gifts from relatives congratulating them on their “baby boy.” The couple was stumped about why they were getting this stuff since they hadn’t told anyone … except for his mom. An uncle confirmed it though…and so did the MIL’s Facebook posts – but mom denied, denied, denied. While mom is now playing silent treatment, mom-to-be is asking Redditors for advice on how to deal with this and her “crazy” mother-in-law.

Lots of users are sympathetic and say the MIL has now proven she can’t be trusted with anything. Many people point out how weird it is that the mother-in-law lied about the baby’s gender. Some users suggest she has the gender reveal party anyway and doesn’t invite her MIL, and one person adds that she should say, “despite the rumors, it’s a girl!”

Either way I would LOVE to know what the husband thinks of all of this especially since it was his mom would is behind all of this. I saw confront the MIL with your husband. You need to be a united front and put your foot down or this will continue to go on for YEARS!