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A hiker who says he was stranded for 14 days in a forest near Santa Fe, New Mexico, has been rescued, thanks to another hiker who found him and rescue teams who searched for him. John Utsey was hiking on a trail in the Santa Fe National Forest when he heard the man yelling for help and then located him.

The man was in bad shape and couldn’t move or stand. Utsey gave him all the food and water he had with him, then called 911 and gave them the exact GPS location of the man. Santa Fe firefighters arrived within the hour, but never located the man and after looking for eight hours, they called off the search. When Utsey heard the news, he felt terribly so he headed back out the next morning and found the man, right where he had left him.

He called 911 again and this time he waited hours for crews to arrive, but he made sure they rescued the injured man. It turns out, he had hurt his back while hiking and couldn’t stand, but he had been able to wiggle down to a stream to fill his filtering water bottle to survive. Captain Nathan Garcia of the Santa Fe Fire Department says, “He had the will to survive for sure.” The man is now recovering in a hospital, all because of the kindness of a stranger.


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