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If you’ve got kids, you’ll want to read this!

Mom, Hilary Williams is calling out LOL Surprise Dolls because of a hidden feature they have and she’s shared her discovery on Facebook.

These LOL dolls come in blind bags inside plastic bags and they’ve been criticized in the past for all the wasteful packaging, but that’s not what this mom is upset about. The dolls all have different special effects, some cry, some pee, some change color in water – it’s part of the “surprise” that’s in the toy’s name. When Williams dips her daughter’s dolls in ice water, some of them reveal a pattern on the bodies … that she feels is super inappropriate. We’re talking lingerie, costumes…and even an S&M-type getup.

In her video, the dolls’ bodies are blank until they’re submerged in ice water, but once taken out, bingo. Each time she dunks one, she’s outraged by what appears. “My daughter is six years old, six! This is not okay,” Williams says. As she continues to test the dolls, she says they’re “so inappropriate for children” and adds, “this is what we’re buying without knowing.”

Other people share their concerns in comments to her Facebook video, including one who says her daughter loves the “raunchy little dolls.” Some parents say they’ll be boycotting the dolls because of the “inappropriate” designs.